Losing a loved one is possibly the most heart-breaking time of your life. To this end I want to work with you to give your loved one(s) the most amazing ceremony and the best send-off they could ever wish for.

I will work with you during this very difficult time to ensure that the ceremony truly reflects the personality of the person(s) being honoured.

I will be sensitive to your wishes and ensure that the ceremony is respectful of your preferences and beliefs as well as that of your loved one also.

Your loved one can be honoured through words, poems, readings, music and any rituals you may want. These can be delivered wholly by me, or if you feel you or a family member/ friend would like to do a reading or something else then this of course can be built into the ceremony.

I will spend a few hours with you initially to gather as much information, stories and anecdotes about your loved one as possible. Sometimes this can be quite cathartic as everyone remembers the good times!

I then compile the ceremony based on the information provided. I then liaise with you to ensure that everything that we have discussed is a true reflection of your loved one(s) before finalising everything with you. This will ensure that you have control over the content of the celebration and you will know in advance how the ceremony will unfold.

Memorial Service

A celebration of a loved one’s life which generally occurs a while after the passing of the loved one(s). A memorial enables you to have gathered your thoughts, that is, you are less emotional and you can, along with me put a more meaningful celebration together.

Some families also like to have a memorial ceremony when scattering ashes, planting a tree or placing a plaque on a bench

Funerals and Memorial Services- £ 195.00

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